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HIGHWAY TRAFFIC ACT - O. Reg. 366-09 - Amateur Radio Operators

Ontario Highway Traffic Act

We understand it is illegal to use a device while driving, like a cell phone in the province of Ontario.

The below is the province legal document description that proves that Amateur HAM radio operator an exempt with HAM radios.  Keep a copy in your car or mobile

For Amateur Radio Operator with a license certificate only Section 13.1 applies to us.  We are NOT taxi driver, we are NOT couriers, we are NOT bus drive.  Therefore ONLY Section 13.(1) (2) applies to us.
Section #13. is still - January 1, 2018
Consolidation Period: From December 17, 2015

Time-limited exemption for amateur radio operators
13. (1) Drivers who hold a valid radio operator certificate issued under the Radiocommunication Act (Canada) may drive a motor vehicle on a highway while holding or using a two-way radio. O. Reg. 366/09, s. 13 (1), O. Reg. 253/12, s. 3 (1).
(2) This section is revoked on January 1, 2018. O. Reg. 366/09, s. 13 (2), O. Reg. 253/12, s. 3 (2).




“two-way radio” means a wireless communication device, consisting of a main receiver unit ... Persons appointed as police constables under section 44 of the Railway Safety Act (Canada). .... Time-limited exemption for amateur radio operators.


Highway Traffic Act - handsfree document, see item 13, printout and keep in car


Distracted Driving Regulations Update: Revised


REDDIT :: Amateur radio operators in Canada will not be allowed to use a radio while driving starting in 2018

That's not "Canada". that's Ontario. I realize it may surprise some people (especially if they are from the "center of the known universe"), but Ontario Provincial law does not cover the entire country Canada.


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